Tension Headaches
Headache is described as pain in the head and/or neck area. There are many types of headaches with different origins. Tension headache treatment may not be indicated for other types of headache.
Tension headaches are muscular in origin. They are usually caused by trigger points in muscles in many areas of the body that refer pain to the head and neck. Trigger points can result from several factors including but not limited to:  Anxiety and stress  Postural imbalances Lack of sleep  Eye strain  Cold, flu or sinus infection  Fatigue
Tension headaches can be mild to moderately painful, feel dull or vice-like in nature, or painful behind the eyes. The pain can be associated with muscle tenderness and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Tension headaches are different from migraine headaches or cluster headaches. 
Migraine headaches are more vascular in origin. They have a certain set of symptoms which include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound. Some migraine sufferers have warning symptoms a few days or hours before the headache occurs. Migraines leave the sufferer feeling drained after an attack.
Cluster headaches are severe headaches that usually occur on one side of the head. They are thought to be due to an abnormality in the hypothalamus. They can cause pressure on the trigeminal nerve due to dilation of the blood vessels in the area. They come in clusters with pain-free periods of less than a month to more than a month depending on the type of headache. The eye and eyelid of the affected side can be affected.
Treatment for Tension Headache Tension headaches in massage practice are treated by identifying possible causes with a postural evaluation, releasing trigger points, and locating and treating tender points in the overworked muscles.
Migraine, cluster and other types of headaches are not indicated for tension headache treatment. Since symptoms of tension, migraine, cluster and other types of headache can cross over, new onset of headaches, especially after the age of 50, should first be evaluated by a physician before treatment.

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